Industry Standard Terms We sometimes use terms that have very specific meaning in the Courier and Messenger industry.  To help you understand the details, some of the most common are listed below. 2nd Party billing Billing a client for delivery of freight to them when that client is not the person who ordered the shipment. 3rd Party billing Billing a client for a delivery of freight when that client did not directly order the delivery and they are neither the pick-up or delivery location. Consignee Only Only the named person can sign for a shipment.  No other person is authorized to receive that shipment. Court Filings Taking documents to the court house for processing either to a specific department or filing window.  In most cases we obtain a conformed copy and return it the next business day. Dedicated Driver Have a driver assigned to you specifically.  You would dispatch this driver to make your deliveries as you see fit.  These are charged an hourly rate.  Please call us for more details ETA Estimated Time of Arrival.  We are in radio contact with all drivers at all times so we can get ETA’s anytime you need. Food Deliveries We can pick-up your food order from any restaurant or market that has take-out service. Fulfillment Shipping freight that was stored in our warehouse.  Keeping an inventory of your items and delivering them are part of the services we offer. Mail Deliveries Deliveries on a set schedule that go to or from the United Stats Post Office. Medical Deliveries We have experience doing deliveries that meet the specific needs of the medical industry.  This includes doctors offices, hospitals, clinics, dentists, etc.  From delivering patient charts, x-rays, prescriptions, samples or even equipment directly to the operating room. Next Flight Out Putting a package on the next possible airline for delivery.  We are certified by Homeland Security to carry shipments to and from the airport.  Some restrictions apply.  Call our office for details. Ok To Leave Indicates that we have authorization to leave the freight at the delivery point without a signature. On Demand Deliveries These are deliveries that are called in when they are ready.  On-line ordering Ordering a delivery via our website where you can track the package as it makes its way to the destination and even see who signed for it. Overnight Deliveries Deliveries that are picked up one day and delivered the next regular business day. Pre-Scheduled Deliveries Ordering a delivery for later in the same day or even sometime in the future. Proof of Delivery (POD) Time and Signature of the person receiving the freight.  We can call you with the POD when the delivery is complete.  Copies can also be emailed to you upon request. Route Deliveries These are deliveries that are pre-set to occur on a set repeating schedule. Service of Process Serving court documents on a person or business.  Some restrictions apply.  Call our office for details. Shredding The destruction of paperwork to make it unreadable.  A perfect option if you are downsizing or just getting rid of old paperwork.  Let Eclipse pick it up from your location and shred it. Trucking The delivery of bulk or oversized freight that requires a larger commercial truck.  From hatchbacks to pickup trucks.  From vans to bobtails and even 48’ flat beds. Warehousing We can store your product in our warehouse and keep an inventory of your items and delivering them are part of the services we offer.
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