Eclipse Messenger Service is a business created to go the distance.  When I envisioned a messenger service back in the early recession period of 1990, I knew that in order to go the distance Eclipse would have to be built on a commitment to excellence and dedication to its customers. As a former tri-athlete competing in over 100 races and triathlons, I understand the formula for winning.  Now, with over 30 years of experience in the messenger business, Eclipse is in its 24th year of service with that same dedication and commitment I called upon as a tri-athlete. The Eclipse motto, Professional Courier, was established to help customers succeed in projecting the same professionalism from their messenger service that they demand from their own employees.  The business excellence of Eclipse not only shows at the service -- our customers appreciate the competitive rate structures.  Rate-for-rate charges are lower than competitors and diversified rate plans help to match deliveries into a perfect fit. As the Southern California economy continues to regain momentum, Eclipse Messenger Service continues to apply the commitment to excellence to each new customer as it gave its first. We look forward to the opportunity to deliver our professionalism to you. Sincerely, Paul McCarthy President
Eclipse--Your Professional Courier
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